About Us

NAEM (pronounced ‘naeem’) was formed in 2020 when a group of like-minded individuals got together.  What started off as a general discussion about education, poverty, displacement and children in the Middle East, soon turned into an idea and a project of purpose.  NAEM and its mission was taking form.  The Association was established and members began giving from their own towards immediate projects.

NAEM was taken from the Arabic word ‘al naeem’ meaning ‘bliss’.  As with many other charitable organisations, we believe it is important to extend a hand of compassion and humanity to those less fortunate than ourselves.  When we are in a position to give, the rewards are endless and continuing.  As the notable historian Thomas Fuller said, “Charity begins at home, but should not end there”.  At NAEM these are words that motivate us in our initiatives to bring together the skills and capabilities of our supporters towards our common goal.

In supporting and giving to others, we are on the road to ‘al naeem’.

NAEM is a not-for-profit association built on compassion, humanity and dignity.  NAEM is not affiliated with any religious or political groups and relies on the generosity of its volunteers in Australia and sister organisations in the Middle East to deliver its activities and services.  All funds donated or provided are used solely for the charitable work of the NAEM Association to provide for the people it serves.

Why We Do It

At NAEM we are committed to our Australian community and believe we have a responsibility to support the young and the young at heart.  In particular, we are supporting families from the Middle East struggling to assimilate with the Australian way of life.

Coming from Middle Eastern backgrounds ourselves, we know first hand the challenges that new migrants face when it comes to gaining an understanding of Australia, its people and the Australian way of life.  Australia is a country of equality, democracy, respect and freedom; values that in Australia we take for granted.  To many from the Middle East these values are a new concept and guidance is required to accept and apply.

We are currently working with a number of families experiencing intergeneration conflict, health concerns and unemployment. Through our work, we are able to provide assistance in navigating the social services systems including medical and affiliated health services and the accessing of educational pathways for numeracy, literacy, and skills growth.  In addition, workshops promoting key life skills such as, managing the household budget, learning to drive or use public transport and knowing your local neighbourhood area are some of our projects.

As the young generation grows so too will their ambitions and life goals.  NAEM supports our youth to reach their goals and exceed their expectations.  We provide a promotional platform for adolescents to showcase their business ventures and interests to build a following and grow their business.  Whether their desire is to teach others how to run a DJ set, open a small business or cook a dish like mama used to make, NAEM will be there to help.

But our work doesn’t stop here.  Our projects also aid struggling families in the Middle East, affected by circumstances beyond their control.

NAEM was created to generate an awareness of the link between the lack of education and poverty affecting many children, particularly in the Middle East.  But even more than this, NAEM was created to make a difference in the lives of these affected children. In some Middle East countries children younger than 17 years of age are forced to leave school and seek work in order to provide for their family.  In many of these families, the father (as the main income earner) is maimed or bedridden or has passed away.  Through the project work of NAEM, children remain in school and where possible, the parent is encouraged and supported to also learn new skills with the aim to work, bringing in much needed income to the family in a dignified and humanitarian way.

How We Do It

At NAEM we believe that through education, supportive guidance and community inclusion we can begin to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy and deliver positive influences for productive outcomes.

Our vision is clear and our mission a long one; We will start to break the cycle of poverty by harnessing every parents’ hope for their child’s future and turning this into the power that will drive each child to success through education. When a parent believes in the power of education, they are then the motivators for their child to dream, believe and achieve.

Our initial steps are to provide our target families with the essential supplies for each child’s educational needs; stationery, uniform, school shoes and moral support through our team on the ground.

Our focus children are in their primary, middle and high school years. Once they have completed their secondary education, we will guide them in their college or university years if needed.  This generation will grow to be educated and ready to give back to the community as contributing members of society.

Through our various projects at NAEM we are able to change the lives of these children and give them the right to education and a quality of life.  Funds generated through our work in Australia and the generosity of our supporters provide for essential household and educational materials to support the family via our sister charities and orphanages in the Middle East.  This in turn lays the foundation for social and intellectual growth, building resilience and self-esteem.

If you are interested in learning more about the links between education and poverty, please consider these resources: