Who we Are

NAEM (pronounced ‘naeem’) was formed in 2020 when a group of like-minded individuals got together.  What started off as a general discussion about education, poverty, displacement and children in the Middle East, soon turned into an idea and a project of purpose.

NAEM and its mission was taking form.  The Association was established and members began giving from their own towards immediate projects.

What we Do





What Makes Us Different

NAEM is a not-for-profit organisation set-up for charitable purposes.   We are not affiliated with any political or religious groups and every amount collected by NAEM is directed towards the families that genuinely need assistance.

So far, we have established a team of native volunteers on the ground in Syria and are in the process of forming our team in Lebanon.  These teams are familiar with the circumstances of the country and are able to provide us with specific information that enable us to assess the specific needs of the families concerned.

Our volunteers are an invaluable asset to our organisation and obviously, share our vision and commitment.  You can be assured that all donations and contributions are directed specifically at the families truly in need.

We are different because

Our projects are continuous

You will see the benefit your donation reaps through our updates

Guarantee that your contribution is directed to where it should go

There is no third-party benefitting financially or otherwise in our funds transfer

With NAEM you can be assured you are contributing to an organisation of integrity, compassion, and commitment

Why We Do It

At NAEM we are committed to our Australian community and believe we have a responsibility to support the young and the young at heart.  In particular, we are supporting families from the Middle East struggling to assimilate with the Australian way of life.

Coming from Middle Eastern backgrounds ourselves, we know first hand the challenges that new migrants face when it comes to gaining an understanding of Australia, its people and the Australian way of life.  Australia is a country of equality, democracy, respect and freedom; values that in Australia we take for granted.  To many from the Middle East these values are a new concept and guidance is required to accept and apply.

How We Do It

At NAEM we believe that through education, supportive guidance and community inclusion we can begin to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy and deliver positive influences for productive outcomes.

Our vision is clear and our mission a long one; We will start to break the cycle of poverty by harnessing every parents’ hope for their child’s future and turning this into the power that will drive each child to success through education. When a parent believes in the power of education, they are then the motivators for their child to dream, believe and achieve.

Our Supporters and Friends

As a supporter and Friend of NAEM, you are also supporting:

Community education and awareness in Australia of our work and mission

Advancing the education of children in the Middle East by reducing the financial cost to families

Vocational and skills training programmes in the Middle East

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